Creative days for FEKIS’s board

On March 12-13, FEKIS’s board met in Stockholm for a couple of intensive days
cooperative work. During the meeting, which this time took place at Scandic Grand
Central in central Stockholm, we not only followed up ongoing projects and
the association’s finances, we also speculated about the association’s future activities, and
new projects.

The three themes that we agreed to work on for 2025 were
the consequences of internationalisation, opinion formation and the creation of more
platforms for exchange of experience. Clarification and focus and layout will
be done in the spring of 2024, among other things with the association council members in May, and
form the basis for the budgeting work for next year.

Members from this year’s conference organizer (KAU) and the 2025 conference organizer
(Linné) joined (virtually) on Tuesday, as did the association’s communicator Lotta
Schwarz, who gave an update on the number of members (1050), and
discussed communication strategy issues. In connection with this decided
the board to shut down the FEKIS Facebook account, and instead create a FEKIS LinkedIn