Föreningen Företagsekonomi i Sverige

The Swedish Academy of Business and Management (swe FEKIS) aims at promoting the development of academic education and research within the discipline of business studies in Sweden.




Held at the Stockholm School of Economics on October 10, 2023. Sign up before August 30, 2023. Space is [...]

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Welcome to FEKIS Conference, arranged by Stockholm School of Economics, on October 11-12, 2023. PhD students are also welcome to [...]

Date and time for the annual meeting 2023

This year’s general meeting for FEKIS takes place on October 12 at 11:00 in the Auditorium at the Stockholm [...]



Becoming a member is free for anyone who works as a teacher, researcher or doctoral student in business administration or a related subject, at Swedish universities.
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The benefits of membership include a free copy of the journal Organisation & Samhälle, sas well as the opportunity to participate in the annual conference. As a member, you also occasionally receive membership letters with information about news within the association. Membership in FEKIS is free of charge.

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Every year, a business economics subject conference, the so-called FEKIS conference, is held.
This conference is an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from our own and other universities, to discuss research, teaching and also how to work with contacts with the outside world. The FEKIS conferences are usually perceived as very rewarding, both for participating individuals and for the institutions that are represented.
In connection with the conference, the FEKIS Annual General Meeting will be held.


fekis conferens 2023

The 2023 conference is organized on 11-12 October by the Stockholm School of Economics. The theme of the conference is Reimagining relevance. The FEKIS conference invites a broad group of stakeholders (researchers, students, financiers, organizations and business) to a constructive discussion about collaboration and the impact of research and education in business economics.
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The journal Organisation & Samhälle O&S (Organization & Society) was started in 2014 to highlight the role of business economics in the social debate. Within Swedish business economics there is both broad and deep knowledge of how organizations function, for example how they are structured and governed, their relationships to markets and how they report their operations and finances.
O&S is available as a printed edition until issue 2/2022 and as an online magazine. It is aimed at everyone who is interested in current social issues within and outside the academy. The articles are written by active researchers and link to current business economics research findings and problems.
The journal online (in swedish)