PhD Course – Contemporary perspectives in Swedish business studies research

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The PhD course Contemporary perspectives in Swedish business studies research, is organized by FEKIS and SNABS. The course will take place during the spring term of 2022, starting in February and ending in May.

Target group: PhD-students
Credits: 7,5 hp
Group size: min 10; max 25 (course not given with fewer than 10 PhD students)
Organized by: FEKIS and SNABS
Course responsible: Maria Grafström
Faculty: Staffan Furusten, Anette Hallin, with others
Course coordinator: Helene Olofsson, Stockholm University

Course corriculum Meetings and literature

February 2-3 (Uppsala and Stockholm)
Day 1: Business studies as an academic field. Participating researchers: Lars Engwall (Uppsala University), Jonas Gerdin (Örebro University), and Matilda Dahl (Uppsala University, Campus Gotland).
Day 2: Digitization. Participating researchers: Anna Essén (Stockholm School of Economics), Johan Sandén (Södertörn University), and David Sörhammar (Stockholm University).

March 9 (Zoom)
Day 3: Sustainability and diversity. Participating researchers: Christian Fuentes (University of Borås), Karin Hellerstrand (Jönköping University), and Anna Fyrberg Yngfalk (Karlstad University)

April 5 (Zoom)
Day 4: Accounting and corporate governance. Participating researchers: Jan Marton (Gothenburg University), Maria Mårtensson Hansson (Linnaeus University, and others)

April 26 (Zoom)
Day 5: Method opportunities and challenges. Participating researchers: Michal Dzielinski (Stockholm University), Anna Jonsson (Lund University), and Johan Sandström (Luleå University of Technology).

May 31 (Eskilstuna)
Day 6: Business studies and adjacent academic fields. Participating researchers: Anette Hallin (Mälardalen University), Staffan Furusten (SCORE, Stockholm University), Ulla Eriksson Zetterquist (GRI, Gothenburg University), Ulf Andersson (Mälardalen University) and others.

The purpose with this course is to provide insight into the multifaceted discipline of business studies in the Swedish context. Meeting with scholars from the range of subject areas within the discipline, the PhD-students attending the course will become acquainted with contemporary research taking place in the discipline. In focus will be topical and on-going research projects that offer insights into a broad variety of theories, methods, and collaborations (cross-disciplinary as well as international). The course offers the PhD-students to develop a comprehensive and broad understanding of the different subject areas of business studies and how they relate to one another, as well as provides opportunities to engage in building scholarly networks that span across Sweden, universities, subject areas and projects.

The course is given through a combination of IRL-meetings and virtual meetings. Before each meeting, the participants are expected to read and prepare for discussion. The course is examined by the writing of a final paper. The course will take place during the spring term of 2022, starting in February and ending in May (in total five meetings).

PhD Course FEKIS spring 2022

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