Sofia Isberg och Anders Anell elected as new board members

In connection with the FEKIS conference, the association’s annual general meeting was held as usual. At this, Sofia Isberg and Anders Anell were elected as new board members for the period 2023-2025. They succeed Nils Brunsson and Christian Fuentes, who therefore step down from the board from 1 January. Sofia Isberg is a senior lecturer at the School of Economics at Umeå University and Anders Anell is a professor at the School of Economics, Lund University.
Anette Hallin was also re-elected as board member from 1 January (2023-2025). She and Peter Dobers were also re-elected as chairman and vice chairman for 2023.
At the association council meeting for the first time, the association council elected a chairman, who will be responsible for, according to the association’s statutes, ensuring that the association council produces a proposal for an election committee for the upcoming annual general meeting. The chairman was elected for 1 year and is the association council representative from the university that organizes next year’s conference. This year, Andreas Werr, professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, was elected.
Christian Fuentes, Lund University, was elected to the selection committee; Helén Holmgren, University West; and Monika Kurkkio, Luleå University of Technology.