Contemporary perspectives in Swedish business administration research. 7,5hp

Target group: Ph.D. students in business administration
Organised by: FEKIS
Course responsible: Ingrid Gustafsson Nordin and Berit Hartmann


The purpose of this course is to provide Ph.D. students in the field of business administration with an overview of the multifaceted area of business administration research in the Swedish context. The course is held by faculty from the business administration departments of various Swedish universities and will cover a range of subjects and topics in the field.

Particular focus of the different sessions lies with current themes of societal relevance, introducing the students to a broad variety of theories, methods, and interesting research topics.

Overall, the course offers varied insights enabling the Ph.D. students to develop a comprehensive and broad understanding of the different subfields and their relations to each other. Furthermore, the course provides opportunities to build scholarly networks that span across different Sweden universities, subject areas and projects.


The course consists of six sessions. The course starts in March 2024 and has approximately one meeting per month. The course starts with a lunch-to-lunch session and ends with a mini-conference connected to the FEKIS conference in October 2024. The other sessions will be a mixture of in person and online sessions, organised as half day events to
allow for travelling the same day.

Registration deadline: February 20 2024. Send registrations to
Please refer to the preliminary session overview below. We reserve the right to make changes.

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FEKIS PhD course Contemporary perspectives in Swedish business administration research